Our company

The company Stefan Delincak was founded in 1992, with the idea of supplying parts for heating insulations. Later our company extended its services to include locksmith and welding works. In 1997 we then started to supply building works and operated in conjunction with turnkey family houses. The company started the production of Christmas decorations in 2000, with continuous extension to the range of decorations produced.

Christmas decorations

The idea of producing Christmas decorations had been considered for a long time, however the first business plan of aims and goals happened in 2000. Although artificial Christmas decorations are very popular with the domestic and foreign market, the glass Christmas decorations are still very much in demand. This is due to the fact that they are all hand made, therefore every piece is an original. . The Christmas decorations are hand blown from glass tubes of different diameters, which results in different size baubles produced. The baubles are then silvered and dipped into different colours and its shades.